ANDREA COLLINS  |  Performance/Installation  |  Video  |  Poetry
Andrea Collins is a poet and an artist. She finds inspiration in many places, especially in the work and writing of Michail Bakhtin, Joseph Bueys, and Adrienne Rich. Her subjects include hot pursuits—dreams, nonviolence, sex, social justice—plus cooler, more cerebral pursuits like ekphrasis. Both her poetry and her art involve large doses of irony, parody, and carnivalesque.

As an artist, for the past several years her practice has consisted of socially engaged art, most recently Punks in the Sanctuary/Free Pussy Riot. One characteristic of her performance work is a politic that is easy to spot, leading to engagement that can be comforting or confrontational depending on what the audience brings to the piece—an aspect of art that is heightened within a social practice.

Currently Andrea is working on a performance involving Picasso and video based on her poetry.